We recognize that rabbis and Jewish professionals face the challenge of linking fundraising with the values of our tradition. Therefore, the goal of this project is to support rabbis in the field as they perform the mitzvah of encouraging tzedakah.

Because of the subject's breadth, it was evident that a team approach would allow thorough study in the fields of contemporary fundraising and rabbinic texts on tzedakah.

We traveled from coast to coast in search of the most recent data, and practical wisdom from successful fundraisers. Through the generosity of HUC-JIR's Office of the President, we were able to capture footage of several stars of Jewish fundraising.

As 5th year rabbinical students, we continued our chevruta learning to develop this capstone project. To read about each of our motivations for this, click our photos below...
Anna Levin Rosen
Lisa Delson