Lisa Delson

The Shulchan Aruch teaches, "One who can cause others to give has a greater reward than the giver." A year ago, this quote would not have meant as much to me as it does today. I, now, realize that these are the words that encourage rabbis and Jewish professionals to do the holy work work of collecting tzedakah and creating places of gathering, worship and community. Throughout this project, I have come to learn that fundraising and philanthropy are about more than collecting and giving money. These actions provide opportunities for fundraiser and philanthropist, alike, to take create community. In rabbinical school we talk about giving people an entry point into Judaism through study, prayer, and acts of chesed. I now know that tzedakah and providing for the community can be added to that list. Fundraising is not schnorring, it is a mitzvah that has the capacity to bring people together for a greater cause.