Eighteen Ways to Acknowledge, Recognize, and Thank Donors
Adapted from Lorne S. Miller's Ensuring the Future.

  1. Enclose a personal thank-you letter from the fundraising chair with all donation receipts.
  2. Send a second personal letter of thanks from the rabbi or educational director.
  3. Have a member of the board call up a donor and say "Thank you."
  4. Send donors High Holy Day and Passover greetings annually.
  5. Acknowledge the gift in the synagogue or school bulletin.
  6. Acknowledge donors at the annual meeting.
  7. Publish the names of all of the donors in the local Jewish newspaper.
  8. Write to donors at the end of the year and describe how their donations were used and how the congregation benefited from them.
  9. Honor donors at a special annual Shabbat service. For more liturgical ideas click here.
  10. Invite donors to take a personal tour of the school or synagogue by the educational director or other senior staff member.
  11. Invite donors to a thank-you reception at the rabbi's home or at the home of a prominent member.
  12. Invite donors to a Sunday brunch to listen to an interesting speaker and meeting with senior staff and lay leaders.
  13. Invite a donor to talk to a religious school class to talk about the subject of tzedakah.
  14. Install a plaque in a prominent public area acknowledging donors' gifts.
  15. Give donors a piece of artwork to display in their homes of places of business.
  16. Invite donors to public events and reserve favorable seats for them.
  17. Ask a religious school class, i.e. b'nai mitzvah class or confirmation to thank a donor of a large gift.
  18. As donors why they chose to make a particular gift to the synagogue.

(Developed By: Lisa Delson, HUC-JIR, Cincinnati)