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A Plan of One's Own: A Woman's Guide to Philanthropy

While there are many who question the purpose of gender specific philanthropy in this day and age, this resource presents a powerful argument for the power and utility of philanthropic training and donor cultivation uniquely geared towards women. This over 40 page document explains the history and function of women's philanthropy- presenting statistics and discussion on how women's giving has differed from men in the past and how it has changed.

Within this piece, there is a strategic step by step guide to creating a personal charitable giving plan, exploring a gamut of different ways for women to get involved in giving money and time in an organized thoughtful manner. The text addresses the needs of women across the economic spectrum and addresses professional women of all levels of corporate achievement. It provides thorough explanations on how to create private or family foundations as well as other methods of strategic giving. Throughout the pamphlet, there is information on who to contact if one is interested in pursuing a particular vein.

Included in the booklet is a clear glossary with a wealth of terms that serves to define the jargon of the field of investing and philanthropy. This piece could provide essential knowledge for women's groups within a synagogue, for Hadassah chapters or women's philanthropy branches of federation.