Top Five Blogs and e-Newsletters

  2. Philanthropy News Digest
  3. Chronicle of Philanthropy
  4. The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

1. eJewish Philanthropy: The Jewish Philanthropy Blog
eJewish Philanthropy is a on-line publisher and a facilitator of resource mobilization serving the Jewish communal world. They strive to provide all our visitors with access to external resources, serve as an instant publishing channel highlighting the latest happenings in the world of Jewish philanthropy along with providing best practice strategies as they relate to managing and promoting a non-profit organization. Based in Jerusalem, this organization seeks to connect philanthropists together, educate them and innovate ways to better support the contemporary philanthropist.

eJewish Philanthropy keeps fundraisers and philanthropists informed by delivering a daily email with headlines every day. The topics usually include new philanthropy ventures for well-known Jewish philanthropists, news relating to the economy, including information about the Madoff scandal and the disbandment of CAJE, and innovative ways to fundraise in the non-profit world today. This website and newsletter have been of great importance for the formation of our website because it deals with issues relating to synagogues and individuals who raise funds and give counsel to philanthropists.

2. Philanthropy News Digest
Philanthropy News Digest is a daily summary of the major news events in the world of philanthropy. As a service of the foundation center, the e-newsletter offers updates in the fields of philanthropy. The corresponding website organizes recent news by subject, including Arts and Culture, Community Improvements, Health, public affairs, science and technology among others. Featuring book reviews, interviews, jobs available along with interactive features, the website is a relatively comprehensive guide to new events of national import in the field of philanthropy. With a mission of strengthening the nonprofit sector by 'advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy,' the Center offers classes and webinars to help train those working in the nonprofit world.

3. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a bi-weekly print and online newspaper for the non-profit world. The newspaper and e-newspaper provide information on all aspects of fundraising and philanthropy, including other helpful websites, news stories about the recession, statistics on growing and shrinking philanthropies and anything else a serious fundraiser might need to know. The website provides information on managing a non-profit, grants and gifts, fundraising tips and technology that may be helpful for fundraising. The Chronicle also sends daily emails called Philanthropy Today with headlines about all things happening in the philanthropic world. These emails may be helpful for a development director of a synagogue to be current with what is going on in the philanthropic world. This website helped us stay informed with the latest fundraising techniques and helped us stay connected to our task of aiding others in philanthropy.

4. The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy
The New Jew: Blogging Jewish philanthropy is written by Maya Norton, someone who has a self-proclaimed passion for Jewish philanthropy. She lives and works overseas, but offers insights into American Jewish philanthropy. The readership of this blog includes Federation professionals, those interested in Jewish giving in Israel, and other philanthropists. In addition to personal research in the field of philanthropy, Norton invites other writers for topical series, interviews and other guest authors creating a community feeling for the blog. We like this blog because it offers a non-denominational view of fundraising and philanthropy in the Jewish world.

5. Donor Power Blog
This blog made our list not because of its Jewish content, but because of its humor. Fundraising is not serious business all the time; it is about relationships and being with people. This blog offers a great deal of information for general fundraising, pointing the reading to other sites that deal with marketing and media exposure. A highlighted update the blog is dealing with fundraising in a recession. The answer to the question everyone is asking is focus on the donor. This blog offers real insight to common questions that all fundraisers have, in or outside of religious institutions.